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2021 All Company Conference

NOVEMBER 16-17, 2021

Nominate Someone for an Award

Who do you think is a star? We want to hear who you think is the best of the best and your personal stories! Nominate a co-worker for one of the categories below. Award judging and deliberation will be conducted by a panel of industry experts from within Seldin, LLC. Take the time to put together a thoughtful, well-written entry! Submissions must be in by 5pm, Friday, September 17th, 2020. - THANKS FOR YOUR ENTRIES - SUBMISSIONS HAVE BEEN CLOSED!

Seldin Company Award Categories

  • Stan Silverman & Ted Seldin Award - Life Time Achievement (Selected by Chief Officers)

  • Mindset Leadership Award

  • SMILE Customer Service Award (Community)

  • Corporate Team Award

  • Regional Portfolio Manager of the Year (2+ Years with Seldin & Includes Roving Regionals)

  • Regional 'Newcomer' of the Year (Start Date 1/1/20 or later & Includes Roving Regionals)

  • Executive of the Year (Includes EVP, SVP, VP, Assistant VP, Director & Assistant Director Roles)

These awards each have separate categories for Conventional/HUD/Tax Credit

  • Community of the Year

  • Community Business Manager of the Year (Includes Roving CBMs)

  • Asst. Community Business Manager of the Year (Includes Roving Assistant CBMs)

  • Leasing Specialist of the Year ​(Includes Roving Leasing Specialists)

  • Maintenance Professional of the Year (Includes Roving Maintenance)

OMNE/USG Award Categories

  • OMNE Partners - Employee of the Year

Outstanding peer to work with, provides outstanding customer service, innovative and collaborative, team player

  • Spotlight Broker 

Works hard to get deals across the finish line, creative, shows perseverance

  • USG Construction/USG Service - Employee of the Year

Outstanding peer to work with, provides outstanding customer service, takes pride in their work, strives to enhance their skills, follows all safety rules and regulations​​​​​

Award Guidelines & Judging Criteria

  • Each nomination requires the completion of an official entry form

  • Nominees must meet the following guidelines: 

    • Employee for individual awards must have been employed a minimum of 90 days

    • Employee for individual awards must be in good standing with HR (ex. not currently under coaching or disciplinary action, etc.)

  • Each and every entry must contain all required information in order to be judged. 

  • Each category must have two entries in order for it to be judged competitively. 

  • Nominees will be contacted upon deadline and will be allowed to provide supporting documentation to support their nomination. Supporting documentation may include:  Letters of Reference from Direct Supervisor, Residents, Suppliers, Regional Manager, Team Members, Industry Peers, community reviews, survey results, rosters from committee meetings or documentation from manager regarding resident and community involvement, etc. 

Committee Members

Have a question? Feel free to reach out to one of our committee members!

  • Alicia Reed

  • Ashley Tatum

  • Brandy Poore

  • Charity Watts​

  • Cindy McAndrew

  • Cindy Powers

  • Jenn Goaley

  • Sarah Schafer

  • Shelly Uhing

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